Consistently you will see Blue Whales in the waters just off Portland.
The Bonney Upwelling spills plankton and nutrient rich water onto the continental shelf, which the massive Blue whales feast on.

From November and May there are great opportunities to encounter Blue Whales off Cape Nelson and Cape Bridgewater These waters are one of the few places in the world where these magnificent animals can be seen so readily. 


A yellow flag is flown at the Portland Visitor Info centre when whales are sighted in the area. If the flag is flying, or you would like to go on a fantastic scenic tour searching for these giants of the deep, contact Game On Charters.

Lawrence Rocks & Point Danger Gannet Colony


Game On Charters offer a leisurely 2hr scenic tour, departing Portland Harbour and cruising along the coast to Lawrence Rocks about 2km offshore from Point Danger. You will get stunning views of the Australian Gannets (more than 6,000 pair) as adult birds soar around the boat, you will marvel at their huge wing span. With some luck, you can see their spectacular diving as they spear into the ocean to feed on small sea fish (always a good sign for the anglers!).
We often also encounter dolphins and seals on this tour.

Cape Bridge Water Seal, Dolphin & Bird life Tours

In  a 4 hour round trip, Game On will take you quickly across Grant, Nelson & Bridgewater Bays to Cape Bridgewater where you can view Australian and New Zealand Fur Seals.
The cape and caves there are home to over 1,000 seals and it is sheer delight to watch their antics - surfing and sliding from rocks into the ocean, swimming effortlessly around the boat or just basking in the sun on a rock.


Dolphins are often encountered during our cruise to Cape Bridgewater. Once they detect the boat, they often race toward us to surf the vessel's bow waves, along with huge leaps and incredible bursts of speed. Truly magnificent to see these graceful creatures in the wild and so close.

Scenic Tours

Blue whale tours encounter these massive animals from November to May as they feed and frolic.



If diving is your thing, we can put you on some amazing diving not too far from the harbour. (You must have a dive master)